We have been involved with major projects over the years apart from our regular services of customs clearance and warehousing.
We were proud stevedoring service providers for over 19,000 m/tons of rice donated by Japanese government to Ghana, a consignment which was discharged at the port of Tema/Ghana in February, 2012. We have been providing oilfield support to some oil lifting gurus in the areas of crew change service, ship chandelling, emergency entry visas, repatriations and the like. We have handled crew from Spain, Greece and the Caribbean regions. Over the years, we have provided freight forwarding services for major clients listed hereunder and other walk-in customers in terms of import clearance, export facilitation, warehousing, chandelling, and transportation amongst others.


Fully Professional Services

Custom House Clearance

We ensure that goods and products can be legally imported or exported across international borders. The process involves preparing and submitting the necessary documentation, complying with regulations and laws, paying any applicable taxes or duties, and navigating the complex bureaucracy of customs authorities.


We strive to play a critical role in the global economy, enabling businesses to move goods and people across long distances quickly and efficiently. By using our service, customers can save time and money, reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure that their goods or passengers are transported safely and securely.


This involves the storage and management of goods and products. We offer a range of services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution. We provide additional services such as packaging, labeling, and shipping. Warehousing can be particularly useful for businesses that need to store large quantities of products, or for those that operate in industries with seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Project Management

This service involves the planning, coordination, and execution of specific projects or initiatives. Our service ranges from project planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and stakeholder communication. We work closely with our clients to define project goals, identify deliverables, and establish timelines and budgets.

Sea Cargo

We offer a range of services, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, and logistics management. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their cargo is transported safely and efficiently, while complying with international regulations and laws.

Air Cargo

Air cargo can be particularly useful for businesses that need to transport time-sensitive or high-value goods over long distances. By using our air cargo service, businesses can benefit from fast and reliable transportation options, reduce their shipping times, and ensure that their cargo is delivered on time and in good condition. We can also provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that their cargo is transported in the most efficient and effective way possible

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